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Buy bitcoin with PayPal

How to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

BitValve P2P Exchange allows you to buy bitcoin with your PayPal Account! Go through the listings above, and find a Trader who wants to sell you bitcoins. Its very important that you find a trader who has a very good feedback. Keep in mind that you need to check if the currency and the country of the Seller is appropriate for you. Once you find someone to buy bitcoin for PayPal, simply start the trade, wait for the bitcoin escrow to complete and then you can send the PayPal funds to the Email of the seller. Do not send the PayPal funds in a different account, because BitValve cannot issue a refund for this error, and the bitcoins will be released to the Seller. Once the trade completes, and the Seller has received the PayPal funds, then you have successfully bought Bitcoins with PayPal and your balance should be updated immediately.