How to buy bitcoin with iTunes Gift Card

In BitValve Crypto exchange you can buy bitcoin with iTunes gift card from anywhere in the world, using your Computer or your Mobile phone! [Apple iTunes Gift Cards]( can be used on the iTunes Store, the App Store and in almost every Apple product. Furthermore iTunes Cards are widely accepted. For more information about the types of Apple and iTunes Gift Cards check [here](“ Simply find a reputable Seller to buy bitcoin with iTunes gift card and click “Start Trade”. Once the trade is started, the BTC Seller need to escrow his Bitcoins here, in BitValve. Be careful, never proceed if the seller has not escrow the funds. Then, you can send the iTunes Gift Card codes to the Bitcoin seller, using the BitValve chat. Once the trader has checked and redeemed the Gift Card, then he must release the Bitcoins. The Bitcoins will be credited automatically to your BitValve wallet. This is one of the most secure and fast way to buy Bitcoin with iTunes Gift Card online!