How to buy Litecoin with PayPal

In BitValve P2P Crypto Exchange you can buy [Litecoin (LTC)]( using your PayPal Balance. Initially, find a trusted Litecoin seller by browsing through the available Offers. Once you find such Listing, take some time to go through the Description of the offer, in case the crypto seller has some requirements such as the [Paypal Currency]( he accepts. Then, proceed and start the trade. You must wait until the Litecoins are put in Safe Escrow. Then you need to login to your PayPal account and initiate the payment to the LTC Seller’s email address. Make sure that the Email address is correct and that the amount is the exact one. Once you have [completed the PayPal transfer](, please mark the trade as Paid. Once the LTC Seller has received the PayPal funds in his balance, he must release the coins. Then the trade completes and you have successfully bought Litecoins with Paypal. You shall see the crypto credited in your BitValve Wallet immediately.