Use this page to convert [Ethereum]( (ETH) to Indian Rupee (INR). We use the latest aggregated price from various ethereum exchanges and use the latest Indian Rupee price for the conversion.

Ethereum in India and Indian Rupee

Ethereum's global fame has made the price of Ether surge. In 2016, 1 ETH was equal to 800 INR. But in January 2018, the ethereum rate rose to 88,000 INR. From there, the ETH to INR price kept rising and falling. May 2021 has proven itself to be very gracious for cryptos like Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., and [Ethereum price has surged to an All Time High of $4000]( It reached an all-time high of 139,000 Indian rupees in March 2021. Right now, the ETH to INR price is 133,820. Even though the crypto market is growing, Ethereum development team aims to release the next major version of ETH 2.0, [Indian regulators seems to be preparing a Crypto Ban soon]( Such regulation is expected to affect the whole crypto market in India and traders will most probably seek alternative ways to buy Ethereum using P2P Exchanges.