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Below you will find today's value of 1 bitcoin in Pakistani Rupees. This rate is updated every 5 minutes using an average combined price, taken from top 5 Bitcoin Exchanges worldwide. Use the calculator to input your exact number of Bitcoins and find the equivalent in PKR.

Convert Bitcoin (BTC) to Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

1 BTC = 7,458,4147458413.51 PKR

More info about Bitcoin and Pakistani Rupees

Bitcoin is the worlds most trusted cryptocurrency and has become widely known over the last ten years. The average price of one bitcoin briefly reached approximately 40,000 U.S. dollars in January 2021. Bitcoin's symbol tag is "BTC". Pakistani Rupee is the main currency used in Pakistan, and was put in circulation in 1947, after the nation became independent from British Rule. Its currency code is "PKR" and the symbol used is ₨. Just like the Indian Rupee, the Pakistan Rupee was originally divided into sixteen annas.