How to buy bitcoin with bank transfer

BitValve offers you the opportunity to buy bitcoin with bank transfer from anywhere in the world, fast, easy and securely. Initially, you need to find an appropriate listing where a reputable user sells his Bitcoin (btc) in exchange for bank account transfer. Before opening a trade, you need to double check that the currency of the listing is the same as in our bank account. For example, if you have an EUR checking/savings bank account, you cannot make a trade for USD. Afterward you can proceed and send your bank account details using the BitValve chat, and wait for the other trader to Escrow his bitcoin. Never communicate outside and never initiate any bank transfer without Safe Escrow! Once the escrow is safe and held, then proceed and initiate the payment, in order to buy bitcoin with bank transfer. Then, once the Seller has received your payment, he will release the bitcoin directly in your wallet. You have successfully bought bitcoin with bank transfer in BitValve!